Be a Citizen
of a Distributed Town

DiTo is a Mutual Credit network to create or join a self-sovereign Community. Receive your Decentralized, Pseudonymous Identity, coordinate tasks efficiently, and earn Credits for your project. In seconds.

Our Pillars

Self-organization & Sustainability

A self-organizing network - made by individuals.

Each DiTo Community is like a micro-nation – with its micro-economy, culture, and vision. We give you credits to attract the talent that you need – just invite others to join you, create a new gig, and contribute to the projects of your fellow citizens.

Pseudonymity, and Skills as a currency.

Pick your skills, and start earning credits.

New members receive credits straight away, based on their unique skills. Also, DiTo is 100% pseudonymous, and Members’ identities are tied exclusively to their Skills: no personal data required, only your talent and contributions matter.

Collective Autonomy & Personal Mobility.

Be free. No questions asked.

As a new Citizen, you’ll receive your unique Skill Wallet, with the skills you picked, and the credits you’ve earned. Use it to move to a new community, join events, or just launch a new project. No passports, résumés or bank accounts required. Ever again.

From a system based on Money to a system based on Value.

Build something greater than yourself.

DistributedTown introduces a new financial paradigm based on Mutual Credit. The DITO Credits are a non-speculative currency that citizens can use to exchange value & services all across the network. It’s based on meritocracy and distribution – with no individual accumulation of wealth.

Customizable Community templates, to make it personal.

Blockchain & Web 3

For small, functional Web3 teams aiming to:

  • keep accounting & run proposals
  • fair, milestone-based fundings for your project
  • distribute tasks efficiently for hackathons & sprints
  • coordinate between the members of a DAO

Art, Events & Lifestyle

For artists & creative minds who want to:

  • assign community credits to their members
  • coordinate multi-disciplinary projects and events
  • get fair royalties & continuous flow of funding
  • update gaming scores & rank

Local Community

For neighbors, condos & small local clubs who need to:

  • hold a common treasury
  • keep track of reputation & commitment
  • organize & fund local projects
  • divide tasks for mutual support

The mutual layer of collaboration.

Become a citizen of a Distributed Town.

Create, organize, contribute – every skill is valuable, from gardening, to smart contract’s design. Join us, and let’s build the future of Collaborative Economics. Together.